Testing of Products

Polaroid Camera’s

Integral film packs may contain a flat “Polapulse” electrical battery, which powers systems in the camera, including exposure and focusing mechanisms, electronic flash, and a film ejection motor. The inclusion of the battery within the film pack ensures that a fresh battery is available with each new pack of film.

Testing of Camera

  1. Tested using an old film pack which has battery life showing flash & green indicator light working!
  2. If the camera is not equipped with the normal green indicator light then it will reset the exposure counter to 10
  3. These camera’s depend on battery that is part of the film pack, this means the camera will not work without a film pack
  4. Sold as working and “not dead on arrival”

Film Pack

Video Games & Consoles

All games & Consoles are testing for about one hour to ensure that every feature is working, then packed away until sold.

While preparing to dispatch these products they are tested again before we package them.

All Pokemon & others which require Cell batteries are changed before we pack them.

Common Problems with Nintendo Games

Often the game won’t load, this is because the Game Boy / Colour / Advance / SP / Pocket / DS / DS Lite / DSI / 2D / 3D consoles all suffer this problem.

To sort this simple blow into the game slot and across the cartridge slot / back then replace the game and this should now work.

Still not working, then you need to rule out if its the game or console, try another game, if that works then the game is broken however if nothing else is loading then its the console.

Nintendo can repair them, but they will charge. Simple go the Nintendo website and request a repair. Some times tho is cheaper to buy another console.