How to tell a fake Pokémon Card

So recently I was asked how to tell if Pokémon cards were fake, well I went on a mission to find out. Started to do some research which lead me to another blog where they are suggesting that you rip your Pokémon card!

Claiming that it would rip much faster than real card, while I can see how this would work I do not suggest you go around ripping your Pokémon cards. Kids please don’t go around ripping your cards, these are expensive!

So I have found some fake cards to show you what sort of thing you should keep 👀 open for.

So the above cards are all fake. Firstly with the cards check the outer edges are the width, normally they are not as in the case of these. These cards also fake funny with a slightly slippy texture to the surface which is hard to show in a picture. Also here you can see where i have put the arrow the template went wrong with sizing.

Next check the spelling on the card. Again normally they spelling the the common words / names wrong look carefully.

Next check the colour of the back of the card.


Here you can notice that the colour is different.

next look for the TM at the end of the word Pokémon. Sometimes this missing but on the good fakes it appears to be their.See first picture.

Also check that the actual picture doesn’t look grainy. See three picture.

Also check that the edges are same width. See second picture.

In this picture you will notice that the font used for the basic is different. You will also notice that the edges are smaller on the Volcanion card compared to Pikachu card.

Another good way of telling is to check that the Pokémon actually existed in the first place. Put the name of the Pokémon into the pokedex generator and see if you can find it.

Click Here then click the search tool

Please let us know about any comments that you may have or questions.