Charge & Fast TM’s

Technical Machines FAQ

What is a TM in Pokémon GO?
TM stands for Technical Machine. Technical Machines are special items that can be used to teach your Pokémon a new move.

Can you use multiple TMs on one Pokémon?
Yes, you can! In fact, you can use unlimited number of TMs on a same Pokémon. This goes for both Fast and Charged TMs. There is no limitation in terms of your Pokémon’s level, IVs, gender or shiny-ness.

Can you get the same move when using a TM?
No, you can not. As explained by Niantic’s customer support, each TM use will always result in a new move. The current move you are rerolling is not included in the potential outcomes.

Are legacy moves included in the potential TM outcomes?
No, they are not. You can only obtain currently valid moves for that Pokémon. However, when rerolling from a legacy move, you can get any of the currently available moves.

What does it mean to “reroll a move”? 
In many RPGs and games that have RPG-like elements (stats, moves, etc) to reroll (or re-roll) means to randomly reset a character’s stat value. In Pokémon GO, to reroll a move means using a TM to get a new random move.

Fast TM

This Technical Machine item is used to teach your Pokémon a new Fast Attack. Your Pokémon will acquire a new Fast Attack and forget their old Fast Attack.

Level 15 above

Charge TM

This item works like the Fast TM but it teaches the Charged Attack instead of a Fast Attack. Remember, the Charged Attack is performed by pressing and holding during battle.

Level 25 above